Virtual care: E-visits & video visits

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Start a visit 24/7. No waiting. No appointment.

Get back to healthy faster so you can live your life.

What's an e-visit?

E-visits are for minor medical concerns. They give you the answers you need through a simple on-line form. An SSM Health provider will respond to your request electronically, with no need to schedule an appointment.

An e-visit is either $39 or the same as your primary care copay through insurance.

The most common conditions include:
> Cold, cough, flu, fever
> COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
> Urinary tract infections (UTI)
> Ear infection

See the complete list of conditions we treat

*Age restrictions apply and vary according to condition. If you are 81 or older, contact your doctor. An e-visit is not a covered benefit under Medicaid or ASO plans.

What's a video visit?

If you prefer a face-to-face conversation, use video visits. Members are connected with an expert SSM Health provider via video conference, usually within a few minutes during operating hours.

A video visit is either $59 or the same as your primary care copay through insurance.

You can use a video visit for:
> Abnormal headaches
> Earaches
> Chronic conditions

Video visits are only available through your MyChart account. To schedule a video visit, call your preferred clinic or schedule through MyChart.